Our Fellows

A full year of dedicated research time under the one-on-one supervision of a talented mentor is transformative in students’ career. The goal of the DDRF Fellowship program is to teach these exceptional students to be a physician and scientist, rather than one or the other. Historically, physician-scientists have produced many of the major advances in combating disease. They unite the urgency of the ill patient with the power of the scientific method. These talented young people represent tomorrow’s leaders in medicine.


Prapti Chatterjee
2015-2016 DDRF Fellow

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, expected graduation May 2017
Undergraduate Degree: Columbia University, Creative Writing with pre-med concentration
Research Focus: Prapti Is working on an analysis of major and life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding events in atrial fibrillation patients during the Randomized Evaluation of Long Term Anticoagulant Therapy (RE-LY) trial, as well as a review of the current status of the direct oral anticoagulation agents from the hematology and gastroenterology perspectives.
Additional Information: An active member of her medical school class, Prapti was awarded the Presidential Gold Volunteer Service Award for her work with MedStart, a non-profit organization that exposes underprivileged middle-school students to the medical field. In addition, she is a teaching assistant in the Histology Department is co-founder of Comic Clinic (an organization that uses comic books & graphic novels to discuss illness), and is Health Policy Chair with the American Medical Students’ Association. Prapti is also an editor of the Bellevue Literacy Review, a nationally distributed journal of experiences related to health & healing.


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